Hollywood Reporter Ranks Chapman as 7th Best Film School

Dodge College

The school spirit in me is bubbling! For the second year in a row, The Hollywood Reporter ranked Chapman’s Dodge College of Film & Media Arts as the seventh best film school in the United States. THR noted Chapman students’ ability to nab “high-powered internships” and “great work ethic.” Chapman Filmed Entertainment got a shout … Continue reading

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Chapman Filmed Entertainment premieres its first feature ‘Trigger’ (And I was there!)


My school started Chapman Filmed Entertainment a few years ago. The goal of the company is to produce four to six micro-budget features a year with Chapman alumni filling key positions on each one. Tuesday night, CFE premiered its first project, Trigger, to a full theater at Dodge College. And I was lucky enough to … Continue reading

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5 Best Moments in Gareth Edwards’ ‘Godzilla’


I may or may not have seen the new Godzilla twice this past weekend. What can I say? That giant, radioactive lizard nailed it this time around. Rather than do a traditional review, I’ll share, what I think are, the five best moments from the film. (WARNING: SPOILERS!) Continue reading

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My latest short film ‘Roommates’


Check out my latest short film that I made it for my Directing 1 class this semester. The assignment was to put together a three minute movie with two characters in one location. I haven’t explored the horror genre in a while, so it was fun to take a stab at it again. (Pun intended.) … Continue reading

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‘Chef’ Review: Jon Favreau’s tasty new comedy


Damn you, Jon Favreau! I made the dumb decision of watching Chef on an empty stomach. By the third food montage, I was going nuts. Those on-screen cubanos taunted me. Continue reading

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