‘Oculus’ Review: The scariest film of the year so far


A haunted mirror film produced by WWE Studios… Listen, I was as skeptical as the next guy. And believe me, I just about ate a light bulb when I realized Oculus is actually the best (and scariest) horror film of the year so far. Continue reading

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Recap of Hollywood Horrorfest


This past weekend, I hung out at the Hollywood Horrorfest. The first-annual festival, dedicated to genre filmmaking, took place at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. Here’s a quick recap of the event… The festival started Friday afternoon with a showing of an independent feature called Billy Club. The slasher-comedy stars a psychotic baseball … Continue reading

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Carl Weathers Talks ‘Rocky’ During Chapman University Visit

Carl Weathers

On Tuesday nights, I attend a class called “Industry Insiders.” In addition to instructor Alex Rose (producer, Norma Rae), the class is hosted by this semester’s “filmmaker-in-residence”, Donald Petrie (director, Mystic Pizza). Each week, we watch a movie Petrie directed or was influenced by, and then discuss it. Last night, Petrie brought in a special … Continue reading

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8 Most Important Filmmaking Lessons I’ve Learned from Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell

We film students are required to buy all sorts of boring texts from failed screenwriters and directors. These “guides” supposedly enlighten the reader to the inside workings of Hollywood. BS. Toss them all out. Pick up a copy of Bruce Campbell’s 2002 autobiography “If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor.” Campbell, star … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Jungle (a.k.a. Finding an LA Summer Internship)

Los Angeles

You know that opening sequence in Apocalypse Now? The one with Martin Sheen staring at the ceiling as the jungle blows up and The Doors’ “The End” plays. Well, the best description of how I view the LA summer internship process would be that scene. You see, oftentimes guest speakers and professors recommend interning as … Continue reading

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